Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

I have a conservative platform that aligns with my personal values. But more than that, I have the ability to move this platform forward by fostering action. I have extensive experience (Good Burger, All About Games, Swift Impressions, etc.) that proves a strong ability to carry out my plans.

Right for Life

I believe in the right to live. I am strongly pro-life. I believe the little guy/gal in their mother’s womb is just as human as any of us. As such, they have the same right to life as any American Citizen.

We are free to choose in America. If the choice was made to engage willfully in an activity that could lead to pregnancy, then the consequences of that choice must be born by both individuals and not just the woman.

I promise to fight for the unborn and their right to exist.

Defending Gun Rights

I believe in the 2nd Amendment as it is written in The Consitution and in keeping our guns in the hands of the American people. I do NOT support red flag laws at all.

I will aggressively fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and to I will actively oppose red flag laws. 

The Constitution 

I believe in The Constitution as it was written. The Constitution of the United States of America has stood the test of time, and that no other document has come close to matching its importance.

I will defend the constitution and fight for the rights of every American.

Student Debt

I believe it would be unfair to leave taxpayers responsible for paying off the student debt of others.

We have things set up nicely right now when it comes to loan forgiveness. For example, debtors who go and work in high-risk or high-need areas as a teacher or medical professional get student loan forgiveness. This is a perfect structure because it helps get highly qualified graduates into areas of most need. Additionally, we already have student loan forgiveness programs for individuals who find themselves permanently disabled, etc. I see no need to change what we already have setup. 

I will fight to keep our taxpayer money from being misused.

Religious Freedom 

I believe that all men are born free and equal; that no man, combination of men, or government of men, have power or authority to compel or force others to embrace any system of religion or to use force to prevent others from enjoying their own opinions, or practicing the same, so long as they do not molest or disturb others with that religion, in a manner to deprive them of their privileges as free citizens-or of worshipping as they choose. (Above adapted from the words of Oliver Cowdery)

I will fight to preserve your freedom to believe and worship according to the dictates of your own conscience. I will vote against any law that would infringe upon those rights. 


Government Spending 

I believe in smart spending and live accordingly in my personal life. I do everything I can to avoid debt, put away some savings and invest a portion of that savings. Our government often finds itself in a bind where it engages in expense layering and redundant spending. Eliminating these unnecessary costs is the first step to balancing the budget. 

I will focus on identifying and eliminating expense layering and redundant spending so we can work toward quickly balancing the budget. 

Economy and Jobs

I believe in creating jobs with higher wages through encouraging a robust economy that doesn’t hinder the bottom line. This involves empowering small and large businesses a like though simplified regulation requirements and fostering a secure and growing economy. As a local Idaho business owner, I know the fear many are facing with a changing economy. We need to focus on providing better training programs and access to solid educational platforms that help provide workers with opportunities to improve their skill set.

If we are to build better wages and better jobs in Idaho, we need to take actions that will provide a better economy for the American people.

Small business owners and the ventures they run are the backbone of the economy and the top employer. This means that over 99% of all businesses in America are small businesses. They are the roots of the American economy.

I will ensure that Idaho businesses, of all sizes, are supported, and I will do everything in my power to make sure we grow our economy.


​I believe in supporting the removal of the so called “red tape” and unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth.

I will do everything possible to simplify regulations and help both local and national business thrive.


I believe healthcare costs far more than it needs to, and I believe in patient-centric healthcare. Our healthcare solutions need to cover the elderly, veterans and pre-existing conditions. There is little point in a mandated solution that does not cover those things. All Americans should get the care they need to enjoy a happy, healthy life. Each individual is unique and their healthcare plan should be also.

Expanding available healthcare plans and empowering patient choice is vital to lowing health care costs. For example, a young lady practicing celibacy should not be required to have a maternity care option on her health insurance plan. She should be able to opt out of parts she will not be using.

I will do everything in my power to expand insurance plans and bring down healthcare costs. No one should suffer because they can’t get the care they need.


I believe in supporting education. I realize directly, from my own growing family, how important education is to the future of our families in Idaho. Improving education must be a top priority in order to make sure Idaho’s children and workforce are ready to compete locally, nationally and globally. 

I will make sure our country focuses on improving, building and funding an even better educational program as we move forward. 

Law and Justice

I believe the Idaho National Guard and all agencies of law enforcement, which protect Idaho communities, are necessary and prudent. With that, I believe in mandatory sentencing for violent crimes such as rape and murder.  

I will do everything I can to make sure Congress supports our law enforcement throughout America and especially within the great state of Idaho. 

Government Accountability

I believe the government and those who run it must be held accountable for their actions.

The first step in getting this done starts immediately with me. I will allow the people of Idaho to audit every decision I make and every action I take. It’s the right of the people to know what goes while I am representing them. I will also dedicate myself to making sure others in congress do the same.  

​I will do everything I in my power to improve transparency and hold everyone in the government accountable for their actions.


I believe in limiting immigration to the US in order to ensure American wages are not undercut, that our environment is safe from overdevelopment and that our state’s farming indsustry still recieves the seasonal labor it needs. Our wonderful nation is the land of dreams, and I want people to migrate to our country so they can pursue their own dreams without sacrificing the dreams of the Americans who are already here. 

I will ensure our borders are safe, that those entering our country do so legally, that those who are here illegally leave immediately and that we do not let more into our country than we can healthily sustain.

Foreign Policy

I believe in fair and reciprocal trade, and in putting America first. I believe in creating bilateral agreements in every trade deal. Additionally, I believe in helping those in need who are outside our borders in a sustainable manner that does not hurt American business or put our country in a weaker position. 

I will ensure America is pointed in the right direction when it comes to foreign policy.

National Security and Defense

I believe in a strong national defense to protect Idaho, America and our allies from physical and cyber-related threats.

Our way of life is moving increasingly digital with each year. This is good because it lowers costs and increases our overall quality of life. This also means we need to keep ahead of the new style of warfare (cybercrime) that is already happening. We have to setup better safeguards against hackers and countries that would seek to harm us through covert cyber initiatives.

I will do everything in my power to ensure America is funding our military and cyber protection initiatives so we, the people, can keep our country and our way of life safe.

Energy and Environment

​I believe in energy independence and support both traditional and renewable forms of energy as we press forward into the future.

I will work with experts in both energy fields in making sure Congress is pushing forward the laws that help our country push forward into the future and that benefit American Worker in both the short-term and the long-term.

I will seek to provide a great future for our children and their children while we seek to grow the economy safely and wisely.

Climate Change

I believe in climate change. If we pump enough greenhouse gasses into the air, it will eventually push us past the tipping point. We have a duty to take care of our planet. I do not believe we are too far gone. We have time to make the change, and we should be focusing now on improving the way we generate energy. Additionally, the benefit of renewable energy makes long-term financial sense!

I will help our country smartly transition towards renewable energy by providing a platform that companies and employees can use to make the switch. This transition can’t happen overnight. It is something to work towards. We will need to keep America competitive as we make the transition, and we will also need to make sure a job is created for each job potentially lost due to the transition. Again, this will take time, but it needs to be a focus as we move forward.

Infrastructure and Technology

​I believe in supporting American technology and infrastructure, especially plans that bring these high-paying jobs to Idaho. As an Idaho business owner myself, I understand the need for this in great detail.

I will support all efforts to improve American entrepreneurship and development. America is the promised land for our people and technology is the next frontier for everything we do as a people.

Social Programs 

​I believe in the family and that every life is precious. I want a life that is safe and bountiful for all people. My time volunteering each week throughout Idaho has helped me gain an appreciation for the need of well established social programs in our community for those in need, especially for our veterans and those for people experiencing homelessness.

I will continue improving these programs by helping to establish and build up programs that help elevate those in need rather than dehumanizing them. I support social programs that promote strong families and law-abiding, ethical behavior.


I believe in supporting our country’s veterans, and in reforming of the V.A. As a local Idaho business owner who focuses on hiring veterans, I have become intimately aware of the troubles they face. The current solutions that are in place are not sufficient.

We must never forget all that the veterans and their families have gone through and continue to go through. We owe them an incalculable thanks. They fought and put their very lives on the line so we can have the simple freedoms we enjoy. Veterans need more support from the V.A., and they need more support from the American people.

I will do everything I can to make sure veterans receive the support and resources they need. 

Term Limits

​I believe we are inundated with career politicians. This is not what we need. We need new views, new minds and new ideas bringing solutions to the highest levels of government. If we are not getting fresh officials entering into the system it is impossible to keep corruption out of our government. 

I will hold myself to sensible term limits regardless of what others in congress will do themselves. I am an Idaho business owner and I am entering into US Congress to help do good, not to build a career. I will do everything I can to hold our government accountable by introducing a bill imposing term limits on those serving in congress and the senate.

Land and Agriculture

I believe in maintaining and improving Idaho Agriculture. We are a land of agriculture! Idaho is rich in farming, ranching, mining, and forestry. I want to bring those resources to market locally and globally.

I will promote Idaho agriculture as your representative in the United States Congress.

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