Meet Nicholas


I am running for The United State House of Representatives because we need people in office who are in touch with the regular person, their struggles and their hardships. I’m that regular guy. I am ready to fight and stand my ground on the important and evolving issues that are raging today.

I am your fellow Idahoan, Nicholas Jones from Meridian, Idaho.  I am ready to get to work, build our country through service, and get things done.

A Strong History

I’m a native Idahoan who grew up in Meridian Idaho. I am looking forward to a bright future for Idaho and my beautiful little family. I want to represent this state on a national level, its people and their interests. I want to work for you and do right by you.

I believe that we need a united and strong nation to get through the waters ahead. I believe we need a nation with elected officials who focus on the needs of the people and that seek to represent their interests.

As a serial entrepreneur with extensive business ownership experience, I am fully aware of the current crisis our wonderful state is facing due to COVID-19. This awareness isn’t something I have simply read about, it is something I have experienced first hand because I am working hand-in-hand with my employees right here in Idaho. It is a battle I am facing with all of you. 

I am on the front lines. This level of personal experience makes me better equipped to serve our state on these issues and all of the other difficulties we are facing. 

While there are many, many issues and difficulties ahead for America, I know that we will succeed and rise above any challenge that comes our way. I am the small business owner Idaho needs in US Congress. I have the experience and the understanding to successfully serve our state and our nation. 

I am running for elected office because my experience, my understanding and my service will help us overcome our nation’s difficulties that will come. I have the same struggles every one of you do. I look forward to the chance to serve and help make our state and our nation a better place.

Some Key Results & Accomplishments

The Lemonade Stand

I started my first “real” business in 2007 while attending Boise State University. It was a fun playground to learn and grown in. I scheduled my first sales meeting. I made my first dollar. I hired my first employee. I built that company from my own work, my own effort and realized the value that hard and smart work plays in creating and building a vision. Looking back, that little consulting business shaped what my life would become. I am grateful for the experience I had with that tiny “lemonade stand” in helping me grow.

Boise State University

I graduated from Boise State University for the first time in 2011 with distinguished honors and a BBA in General Business Management and Human Resource Management.  

Selling of an Empire 

I sold my first business In 2012. It was only really an empire to me, but I had put everything I was into building that little business into something great. It was something I built out of necessity with gratitude for everyone that was there to help me. It was my small empire, and it was my heart and soul. 

University of Notre Dame

In 2013, I graduated from The University of Notre Dame with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. 

Being an Adult Graduate

Later in 2013, I started my next business… Bacon on a Stick. This business allowed me to work hard during the summer and focus on some creative pursuits at other times of the year. I sold this business in 2018.

Buying Some Games

I bought my first business, All About Games, in 2016. Within a year of doing so, I was able to grow this little business to three locations across the Treasure Valley. I’ve always been passionate about board games and this business was the perfect escape for me to delve even deeper into some fantastic hobbies of mine.  

Northwest Nazarene Univ.

Education has been a vital part of my life’s progression, as it is with most individuals. I wanted to learn more about how the educational system works, how I could make it better and what was missing form the educational backbone of our nations so I enrolled in NNU with the aim to better myself when it comes to education. I graduated in 2019 with an Ed.S. degree in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. 

Selling Some Burgers

In 2017, I started Good Burger from scratch. (And when I say, “I,” what I mean to say is that I had an Idea in 2013 for a burger joint that took me nearly five years to get around to executing, while countless others helped me take it from absolutely nothing to greatness.) People like Robbie Rice, Peter Wachtell, Josh Griffin, Rob Carnes, Amelia Jones, etc. all played a crucial part in creating Good Burger. It would be nothing without them…. which is the reality of most things. They believed in the mission I had created that would give back to the community and do good (hence the name Good Burger). Most often, what we have comes from the combined efforts and kindness of countless people. I am grateful to have learned this lesson this early in my life..

I firmly believe that family is the base of every great nation. When we lose that focus, very little else matters.

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