Russ Fulcher is entirely out of touch with the people of Idaho’s first Congressional District.

Russ Supports Amnesty and Foreign Worker Visa Giveaways

Fulcher voted for a left-wing Democrat Zoe Lofgren’s Farm Workforce Modernization Act (HR 5038) that not only granted amnesty to 1.5 million illegal aliens but would increase the legal limits on big businesses importing workers for year-round, non-seasonal jobs that are typically performed by Americans.

Russ’s vote in the House of Representatives is documented here:

More information about HR 5038:

Russ Supports Open Borders

This is a direct quote from Russ Fulcher’s website ( 

If a person wants to come here to start a business, get a job, obey American law, and assimilate to our way of life, I welcome that person.  

The entire third world would move here if all they needed to do was check a box saying they agree to that. And how would it ever be enforced? 

Russ’s immigration policy would drive down wages of everyone from high tech programmers to day laborers, it would cause housing prices to sky rocket, and it cause the destruction of our beautiful environment because of the overdevelopment that mass immigration would bring. 

Russ Opposed Helping Small Businesses Suffering from the Pandemic

When the COVID pandemic hit, it shuttered businesses all across the state and people were losing their jobs. Thankfully, the Families First Act (HR 6201) granted small businesses a 100% tax credit so they could pay sick employees who were on medical leave due to the virus. This legislation also included funding to COVID testing that both our nation’s military veterans and our active duty military whose ability to operate during this time is essential to our nation’s security. 

But rather than joining with President Trump, Republican Congressional Leader, and even Democrats in this rare moment of national unity, Fulcher voted against this legislation.

Russ’s vote in the House of Representatives:

More Information about the Families First Act: