The State of Idaho has made the upcoming Primary Election  an “absentee only” voting process. This means that polling locations won’t be physically open. You are going to have to mail in your ballot for the 2020 Idaho Primary.

Additionally, The State has also updated ballot requirements… The State has made it so you can request a ballot through May 19. The Election office will need your ballot no later than June 2nd. With that, the election results will be final on June 2nd.

Important Dates to Remember

The election is happening right now. A lot of people have put their votes in already and we have until May 19th to get things sorted. It’s a tight timeline so its vital that you know these exact dates.

Now Until MAY 19

You are currently able to request your absentee ballot online HERE

MAY 19

This is the deadline to register to vote… You can can register HERE

It is also the ballot request deadline. The request must be received by your County Clerk either from an online request of mail-in request by 8pm.

June 2

Ballot Deadline. The ballots must be received by your County Clerks office by 8 PM.

If you need the address of your Country Clerks office, you can find it HERE


Requesting a Ballot

  1. You can request your ballot online HERE.
  2. You can respond to a request form that will be mailed to your current registered voter address from the Secretary of State’s office… However, if you don’t have it already then you will need to formally request a ballot.
  3. People move. If that is you, and you have not updated your voting registration, you will need to do that. You can update your address HERE.
  4. If you have accessibility concerns and require assistance, you can contact your County Clerk directly HERE.

I need you to help me get the word out. Poeple still don’t know that this is how they have to vote in this year’s Idaho Primary. I’m counting on you and I appricaite everything you have been doing to help share my message. Let’s do this together!