As an experienced and successful serial entrepreneur and business owner, I know all about regulations.  I’m well versed in the “ins and outs” of business, how to succeed in the economy, and navigating the regulations involved.  This expertise has not only led to my success as a businessman but is also what I believe will help me enact legislation what will boost business opportunity in our state.

No More Red Tape

My goal is to navigate the unnecessary regulations that surround small business development and eliminate “red-tape” that stifles economic growth.  In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that our economy needs all the help it can get to recover from this unprecedented loss of business.  My hopes are that the elimination of unnecessary regulations will give the economy the spark it needs to recover.  

It’s going to take creative thinkers and innovation in business to help us come back from this pandemic.  Regulations only serve to stifle creativity, which is why deregulation is such a vital next step in the recovery of our nation.  Ultimately I wish to provide a springboard upon which the economy can do more than just recover, but actually surpass where it was before the COVID-19 dilemma.

Deregulation Is Better For Business

By simplifying economic regulation laws, local small businesses can thrive.  The deregulatory process also helps state and national enterprises by limiting federal government power in certain areas.  Deregulation increases the competition and fosters a business-friendly environment that we desperately need to boost our economy.  I’m the candidate we need to have in Congress representing Idaho for this very reason. 

Just so you know, Russ Fulcher didn’t even vote to pass the CORVID-19 relief bill! This bill he voted against Russ Fulcher voted against the response bill that “includes free testing, emergency paid sick and family leave, emergency food aid and more.” A bill that Idaho 2nd District Rep. Mike Simpson voted to pass. He undermined Idaho businesses. He voted against the people who needed relief. He voted against small business owners. He voted against families. Russ Fulcher is out of touch with reality and what the people need. This is not who we want in office. 

We are in difficult times right now and history has taught us a lot on how to get out of this situation. For example, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in attempts to propel the nation out of the Great Depression, enacted deregulatory statues that ultimately caused the entire country’s economy to soar.  These acts stimulated economic growth and promoted measures to stabilize the economy.  

I believe that these ideas and practices are what we need to look towards to help boost the economy in Idaho.

Returning to business as usual when it comes to regulations is not the way to help our economy heal from our current trouble.  Only through some degree of deregulation can the economy of the great state of Idaho give our citizens the high paying jobs they deserve. 

I am confident that my experience as a businessman makes me the perfect person to fight for deregulatory policies that benefit everyone. Please share my message with your friends and families and get out and vote.