Foreign policy is about much more than just the relationship between two countries.

Although people may not think foreign policy will affect the average American citizen, it’s actually critical to our economic success.  Not only does foreign policy involve fostering economic growth around the world, but it also involves enacting trade agreements that benefit America and help us maintain a robust economy.  

Here is my “500-word stance” on foreign policy and how I will advocate for the success of our economy:

Bilateral Trade Agreements

In 2019, the United States imported 3.1 trillion in goods and services while only exporting 2.5 trillion in goods and services.  There is nothing wrong with this ultimately. It is one mark of a healthy and strong economy. However, in order to maintain a balance between imports and exports, smart trade agreements need to be made.  

I believe in fair and reciprocal trade, and I believe in putting America first.  By creating bilateral agreements (meaning the deal benefits both countries) in every trade deal, we can ensure that America’s economy is front and center in every trade negotiation. And this doesn’t mean we won’t be looking out for the other country, we will. It just means that we are going to enter into deals understating we want to end up helping the bottom line of American business. 

Maintaining Foreign Aid

I believe that helping those in need who are outside our borders will not hurt American businesses or put our country in a weaker position as long as it’s done so in a sustainable way.  Helping foster economic growth around the world is important in continuing to make a better future for all. When our allies are thriving, we are thriving as well.

When other countries improve economically, the lives of their citizens improve.  This leads to fewer countries going to war and fewer epidemics.  It’s a very happy thing. Additionally, countries that can be self-sustainable can afford to buy more products from the United States, which is a prime example of why maintaining foreign aid is essential to maintaining our economy. 

With that said, America comes first.  The United States economy should be our first priority at all times. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not only trying to sell you something, they are putting their own country before ours (like both countries should be doing).

I will ensure America is pointed in the right direction when it comes to foreign policy.  I will help enact policies that create growth for trade with other countries and foster economic growth in the United States.  With a focus on bilateral trade agreements and foreign aid efforts that benefit both parties, I believe we can all prosper.

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