I am a family-oriented man.  I cherish the times spent with my family each week.  Being able to live a life with a family and a sense of security in our living makes me feel unbelievably lucky.  This feeling has led my family and I to make it a priority to help those in need.  During my time volunteering in Idaho, I’ve been able to see and appreciate the usage of social programs.  

The Gift of Charity

I’ve been grateful to be involved in a wide variety of charitable efforts.  Distributing food, clothes and other life essentials to those experiencing homelessness here in Boise has been an extremely humbling and gratifying experience.  

What makes me happy is that I’ve also been able to give back to the community as a businessman, making it a priority to give to various charity programs in each of my entrepreneurial endeavors.  In fact, my company, Good Burger, is completely centered around that concept. I’ve also helped those experiencing homelessness to find job opportunities and aided them in their interviewing processes while also giving our time  and resources to Interfaith Sanctuary.

Helping Create A Stable Life

I’ve seen firsthand how a helping hand can change a person’s life.  These experiences are why I believe that social programs should be more than just a handout.  They have got to help anyone experiencing difficulties setup a better life for themselves.

I plan to endorse social programs that uplift community and family life AND that help people move up rather than being held captive.  Such social programs are key to improving those who are experiencing hardships such as homelessness to find jobs and create a more stable lifestyle.

That brings us to an important issue…

Food Stamps

As far as I am concerned, the food stamp program is setup to help people. Yes, people will take advantage of it like they will with anything. That is why we can take smart and intelligent steps to limit people from taking advantage of the program, and we already do take those steps. 

I have been asked by many people where I stand on tightening up what people can buy using food stamps. People have proposed limiting what type of chips people can buy, also limiting people from buying energy drinks with food stamps. While there may be some additional restrictions that need to be placed on food stamp usage as time goes on, I do not support limiting people’s purchase of chips, energy drinks, etc. 

That being said, I don’t see someone buying energy drinks with food stamps as something that we need to step in and regulate. Maybe the person has a late night ahead at a job they just got (a job that will help them make enough to eventually get off food stamps) and they are buying it to stay awake. Maybe they have a cart full of fruits and vegetables and they just want to buy a bag of chips for their kid who has been helpful enough so they could go to that late night job. 

Overall, we have already have strict regulation on food stamps that keep people from buying beer, cigarettes, etc. There is no need to dehumanize people further by telling them they can’t buy a certain kind of chips. 

Building A Foundation

I was a single father for seven years of my life, and I lived paycheck to paycheck for a good chunk of that time.  I know and understand the struggle people go through when they are working as hard as they can to support their family and are still only just getting by.

Social programs that aid children in building foundations in education, physical care, and life-skills are fundamental for their growth and well-being.  Social programs that help their parents grow and improve are vital in many situations. Again,  I don’t support handouts, but I do support a structured programs that helps people get on their feet. 

Going deeper, after school programs allow children to obtain these necessary life-skills and provide a positive impact on their future.  After all, after school programs not only boost academic performance, but also reduce risky behaviors and provide a safe and structured environment for kids with working parents.

Bottom Line

I support social programs that back family and law-abiding morals.  I’m here to make a positive impact in the community through such programs, which I believe benefit the entire community.  When we help the least of those among us, we are all lifted.  A society of healthy, happy, and working families is key to a bright future for the people of Idaho.

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