The role of the federal government in the economy and the American people’s lives is a hotly debated topic. Some people argue for an aggressive federal government that steps in to overrule the states on a regular basis, while others prefer the federal government to stay out of the states’ business altogether.

I believe that the federal government should be there only to provide support and stability while holding itself to the highest level of accountability.

Promoting Economic Growth

The federal government should help create growth and stability, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

The growth rate for the economy should stay around 2-3% each year. If the economy is naturally achieving this type of growth, then the federal government should be hands-off. If the economy is struggling to hit this growth rate, then the federal government should step in to help promote growth through funding. Otherwise, we risk high inflation. This is ECON 101.

In other words, it should come when it’s called and no other time.

Rigorous Accountability

While citizens can help hold government officials accountable through public forums and voting them out of office, these officials need to hold themselves accountable as well. The federal government needs to be held accountable not just for its decisions and actions, but also for its spending.

But it’s not just the federal government that needs to be held accountable; state government officials also need to take accountability. When poor choices are made, leaders in the government need to accept their part in the choice and correct it by making a new plan and moving forward. They need to own up on their failures.

Proper Checks and Balances

In addition to holding themselves accountable, government officials need to hold each other accountable. This accountability is provided through proper checks and balances within the government. Each branch of the government was designed to balance the other and prevent abuse of power, which is illegal and should never be tolerated. It will take time to enact policy changes and laws, but the proper channels need to be taken in order to provide a better future for Idaho and for America.

I believe in our founding fathers and the way that they designed our government. After all, we’ve lasted this long and managed to create a thriving superpower that’s a major leader in the world. Primarily, however, I believe that less regulation should come from the federal government and that more emphasis must be placed on state governments.

I want to uphold the proper checks and balances that our system has in place so that one branch doesn’t hold all of the power. The people need a voice in government, and I will provide a voice for the people because that is what we need to create a better tomorrow.

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