Nicholas Jones

For Congressional District 1

Thank you for supporting and fighting for me. I will continue to fight for the people regardless of my position. I will use my time and talents to fight for our rights. Please go and support the republican platform and lets unite to help defend the values of the American people. 

The Election Has Been Decided

I have won a victory this election cycle even if I am not heading to Washington DC to fight and defend for the rights of Idaho and for every American. Remember that Federal Judge Windmil rulled in favor of the people on May 22nd, 2020 when he granted an extention for Idaho voters to request their mail-in ballots. This occurred because of a lawsuit issued by my campaign and gave the people until May 26th to request their ballots.  I faught for this for the people. Even though I stood alone in this, the fight has continued by others and I will continue to defend the rights of our businesses, of the people and of our right to vote!

Who Is Nicholas Jones?

Vision, Issues, & Values

I grew up in Meridian, Idaho and the household I grew up in was poorer than most, but I had a loving family that did everything they could to put food on the table. As I reflect back on those days, and I see the trouble families are having getting on their feet, I am inspired to stand up and do something to help them. One of the reasons I am running for office is to get into a position where I can help build our economy and to personally help individuals climb out of the difficult situations they are in. 

I will fight for the American people, and I will fight for Idaho. I have a strong track record of fostering action and making a difference. We need to be better prepared and we need someone like me in office that is in touch with reality and capable of fostering action in our government. I believe in the power of people, and I am a man of conservative values, and some of these values include:

Pro-Life. I believe that every life is precious, including those developing Americans who are in the womb. I will fight for the right of every American to live and to be born. 

Economy and Jobs. If we are to build better wages and better jobs in Idaho, we need to take actions that will provide a better economy for the American people. ​ Small businesses makes up 99% of all businesses in The United States and are the driving force for growth in our economy. I will ensure that we provide a robust economy for Idaho businesses. 

Immigration. I believe in limiting immigration to the US in order to ensure American wages are not undercut, that our environment is safe from overdevelopment and that our nation’s culture is preserved. Our wonderful nation is the land of dreams, and I want people to migrate to our country so they can pursue their own dreams without sacrificing the dreams of the Americans who are already here. 

The Many People Voting for Nicholas

The Leadership Our State Needs Right Now

About Nicholas

I am an Meridian, Idaho native with a passion for small business, creating a better tomorrow and challenging the status quo. I have been instrumental in bringing well over a hundred jobs to Idaho. I understand what Idaho needs because I am part of Idaho. I have pushed through struggle, and I have enjoyed the good times too. But no matter what has happened, I have found the strength to build great things because of those around me. I believe in God, I believe in family and I believe that people are genuinely good.

Join the Campaign

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. If you have the willingness, I would love to have your help in the good fight. 

Please give me a shout out, and let’s do this together. 

Stay Informed 

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